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Memory Foam


At Karibian Descanso we carefully select materials from natural sources in order to provide unique sensations for your sleep – this means keeping body temperature consistent and effectively dealing with moisture. When it first appeared on the market, memory foam revolutionised the industry due to its beneficial properties – there was a real before and after. The correct functioning of a memory foam mattress can be reduced to two factors: it returns slowly to its shape (memory effect) and it is temperature sensitive (the colder it is, the harder it gets and vice-versa). Memory foam is breathable and provides the sleeper with quality rest by combining softness with hypoallergenic properties. It is also an environmentally friendly material.


High density 80kg/m3 memory foam is for the most sensitive sleeper. It is produced from Premium raw materials. It is the perfect combination of density and resistance, as well as providing perfect adaptability for the body and an unbeatable feeling of comfort, allowing for refreshing sleep.


This 60kg/m3 density memory foam that is characterised by its state-of-the-art composition with graphene particles. This material dissipates heat, taking it away from the body as it is produced, keeping the environment fresh and extremely comfortable as we sleep. Graphene significantly improves heat conductivity, achieving the release and channelling of heat energy, reducing the temperature more quickly and thus creating a fresher environment between the mattress and the sleeper.


This 60kg/m3 density memory foam is state-of-the-art. It is made from natural oils and Premium raw materials which improve the porousness and internal ventilation of the mattress. This material has a special molecular structure making it adapt perfectly to the body. A memory foam with excellent porousness and breathability which contributes to a more pleasant and refreshing sleep. It also has a temperature sensitive effect which adapts when it comes into contact with body heat, producing a memory effect. This means that with the cold, this fabric hardens and with the heat, it softens.


This 50kg/m3 density memory foam is a natural product that is made from Premium raw materials fused with top quality soya oil seeds, giving it an added degree of eco-friendliness and better protection against aging. Thanks to its exceptional physical properties, this memory foam remembers the shape of the human body and offers a pleasant sleep. It is also temperature sensitive, adapting when it comes into contact with the heat of the human body and offering a memory effect. This effect means that with the cold and at low temperatures the fabric hardens, and on the other hand with the heat and at high temperatures it softens.


This 50kg/m3 density memory foam has a dynamic composition made up of high-quality materials with an open cellular structure. The result is a fabric which improves breathability and adapts to each movement during the different phases of sleep. Thanks to its temperature sensitive effect, this memory foam adapts when it comes into contact with body heat, producing a memory effect, and providing an extra degree of firmness. It spreads the weight evenly over the surface area, reducing pressure on the body and allowing for a deeper and more refreshing sleep.